Edgardo Giménez
No habrá ninguno igual

08/25— 11/13/23
Gallery 5. Level 2

An anthological exhibition of Edgardo Giménez, showcasing over sixty years of his artistic production, presents nearly 80 works and installations that focus on his philosophy and activism in pursuit of a "total work of art."

From the title of the exhibition—"One of a Kind"—the unmistakable humor of the multifaceted Edgardo Giménez emerges relentlessly. As a painter, sculptor, graphic and stage designer, and image and character creator, his art has flowed through all these disciplines simultaneously since the early 1960s.

Giménez's works possess a modern, informed, and international character, while also reflecting the Argentine identity by drawing inspiration from urban folklore, myths, and vernacular characters. His repertoire resonates with the imagination and fantasy of our country, where parody and irony occupy a central place.

The exhibition adopts the structure of a film, with each scene reflecting Giménez's distinct themes, styles, and obsessions. Different scenographies from his films were meticulously reconstructed to frame objects, paintings, sculptures, and architecture. Each space is dedicated to a concept from his repertoire, presenting fantastic stories that showcase the most vital aspects of everyday experiences.

In Giménez's art, the worlds of culture and industry coexist harmoniously, devoid of conflict. The artist firmly believes that art should produce well-being and joy. Embracing the monumentality of opera alongside its pop version, musical comedy, decorative excess, and festivity, he inhabits a parallel reality that art offers to nature. "Any material is suitable for communicating an aesthetic idea," muses Giménez.

Curator: María José Herrera. 

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Edgardo Giménez. No habrá ninguno igual

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