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03.27— 06.29.20

Alejandra Seeber Leda Catunda
One of a kind

One of a kind showcases a dialogue between two Latin American artists, who are united by their work and in their desire to redefine painting. Both are highly skilled painters and integrate urban culture, modern art, design and nature into their art. Leda Catunda (1961, São Paulo) and Alejandra Seeber (1968, Buenos Aires, based in New York) both absorb their entire surroundings into their works.  

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11.27.20— 02.21.21

Therapy: A Thread in the Argentine Labyrinth

The exhibition Terapia: un hilo en el laberinto argentino takes as its starting point the central place Freudian psychology has in Argentine culture through its discourse and therapy when treating the unconscious. It will include works by Juan Batlle Planas, Xul Solar, Grete Stern, Emilio Renart, Mildred Burton, Luis F. Noé, Lea Lublin, Oscar Masotta, Mirtha Dermisache, Marta Minujín, Guillermo Kuitca, among others.

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23.12 —

Rumor #3
Tania Bruguera

Tercera exposición del programa “La historia como rumor”, en torno a la performance Destierro que Tania Bruguera (Habana, 1968) realizó entre 1998 y 1999 en las calles de La Habana.

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