06/14— 09/23/24
Gallery 1. Level -1

The work of the Argentinean artist duo Mondongo (Juliana Laffitte and Manuel Mendanha) is characterized by a reinterpretation of classic works and topics from the history of art. In their practice, they try to establish a conversation with the past in order to transit the present.

Invited to develop a site-specific proposal for Gallery 1 of the museum and as a tribute to Antonio Berni, Mondongo proposed the challenge of establishing a dialogue with an emblematic work of Argentine art: Demonstration (1934), part of the Malba Collection.

"Berni is a central artist in our production, because in some way he opened the path for us to paint the world with diverse and meaningful materials. We understand that the themes and forms that constitute this multiple portrait that is Demonstration are projected ninety years ago and continue to have the capacity to question us in a profound and beautiful way," the artists maintain.