Fotógrafas migrantes

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Genesis of women’s liberation
in her vintage photographs
Opening: Thursday, March 19, 7:00 p.m.
Curators: Victoria Giraudo and Agustín Pérez Rubio 

Annemarie Heinrich - Intenciones secretas

03.20— 07.06.2015

Annemarie Heinrich
Secret Intentions

A selection of ninety vintage photographs from the thirties to the sixties. On the basis of feminist theory, the exhibition focuses on the more intimate and personal work of Annemarie Heinrich

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Inauguración: jueves 21 de marzo, 19:00
Sala 5, Nivel 2

Horacio Coppola 100 años

Mundo propio

Fotografía moderna argentina

Una selección de 200 obras de Horacio Coppola, Grete Stern, Annemarie Heinrich, Anatole Saderman, Sameer Makarius, Juan Di Sandro, Pedro Otero y Alicia d´Amico, entre otros reconocidos fotógrafos.

22.03— 09.06.19
Inauguración: jueves 21 de marzo, 19:00
Sala 5, Nivel 2

Gallery 3. Level 1

11.04.21— 03.14.22

Madalena Schwartz
The Metamorphoses

A photographic essay of Madalena Schwartz (Budapest 1921 – São Paulo 1993) in which transvestites and cross dressers of the underground scene of São Paulo in the middle of the military dictatorship – the first half of the 1970s – are portrayed.

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