Los órdenes arbitrarios

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Luis Camnitzer. El museo es una escuela


Luis Camnitzer
sobre su obra El museo es una escuela

El artista Luis Camnitzer (Alemania, 1937) explica la historia y el alcance de su obra El museo es una escuela, que se presenta actualmente en el museo como parte de la muestra C-32 Sucursal. La Ene en Malba.

Opening: July 4th, 7PM

Leandro Erlich. Vereda, 2007.

07.05— 10.26.19

Leandro Erlich

More than any artist working today, Leandro Erlich (1973, Buenos Aires) has created a body of sculpture and large installations over the past two decades in which the architectural appearance of the everyday functions as a type of perceptual trap, leading he unsuspecting viewer into a visual paradox that systematically defies what should be the rules and order of the material world.

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