Cecilia Vicuña
Dreaming Water

12/08/23— 02/26/24
Level 2. Gallery 5

Dreaming Water. A Retrospective of the Future (1964–...) is the most encompassing anthological exhibition ever held of the work of poet, visual artist, and feminist activist Cecilia Vicuña (Santiago, 1948). Curated by Miguel A. López, the show reads Vicuña’s work from a South American perspective. The exhibition revisits sixty years of Vicuña’s art, that is, her work from 1964 to the present. Emphasis is placed on her work’s ties to Chile, Argentina, the Andes, the living memory of pre-Columbian textiles, feminist struggles and eroticism, and Indigenous communities’ demands for self-determination.

The over two hundred works on exhibit include paintings, drawings, silkscreens, collages, textiles, videos, photographs, installations, book-objects, documents, and sound performances produced throughout the Americas and Europe. Dreaming Water reminds us of Vicuña’s commitment to the struggles of the working class, human rights, and opposition to devastation, whatever shape it may take. 

Since the nineteen-sixties, Vicuña’s visionary work has honored the balance and reciprocity of the natural world rather than violently meddle with or harm it. Her work values art’s ritual dimension, its medicinal quality and ability to heal. Her cyclical understanding of the creative act is evident in works that take the form of future-looking actions: they incite further creative acts, most of them collective in nature. 

The exhibition’s title invites us to change our relationship with the earth. “Without humidity there is no humanity,” Vicuña reminds us. Her creations attest not only to the past but also—indeed mostly—to an open and living future in the making.

Curator: Miguel A. López.

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Quipu de encuentro con el Río de la Plata

En el marco de la exposición Soñar el agua, de la artista chilena Cecilia Vicuña, se propone una performance para activar nuestro vínculo con el río.

Sábado 9 de diciembre a las 17:00. Punto de encuentro: hall del museo

Jueves 7 de diciembre a las 18:00. Auditorio

Conversación inaugural

Soñar el agua

La conversación será prologada por una ceremonia ritual oficiada por la artista y un ensamble de músicas mujeres, donde resonarán sonidos y palabras ancestrales.

Participan: Cecilia Vicuña, Miguel A. López, José de Nordenflycht. Modera: María Amalia García
Jueves 7 de diciembre a las 18:00. Auditorio

Jueves 30 de noviembre a las 19:00. Terraza

Velada de poesía

Arroyo de la voz: Cecilia Vicuña y amigos

Como antesala de la inauguración de Soñar el agua, primera exhibición retrospectiva de Cecilia Vicuña en Argentina, se celebra un encuentro de la artista con poetas argentinos.

Participan: C. Vicuña, L. Ponce, A. Carrera y G. Jorge. Modera: M. Arrupe
Jueves 30 de noviembre a las 19:00. Terraza