Malba Writers Residence 2019
Selected authors: Luisa Geisler (Canoas, Brazil, 1991); Daniel Saldaña París (Ciudad de México, 1984) y Javier Montes (Madrid, Spain, 1976)

Malba Literatura introduces the writers who will participate in the second Malba Writers Residence (REM). Launched in 2018, the residence is targeted at foreign writers as a forum for exchange and literary creation; authors are invited to live in Buenos Aires for five weeks as part of their artistic and professional development.

Writers selected for 2019 are Luisa Geisler (Canoas, Brazil, 1991); Daniel Saldaña París (Ciudad de México, 1984) and Javier Montes (Madrid, Spain, 1976); Javier joins in thanks to the special REM + AC/E Program, intended to build a bridge between Spanish and Argentine authors, publishers and managers. The point of this agreement is to strengthen existing dialogues and develop new working and creative networks between both countries.

Since it was launched in December, this second online call received over 400 applications from 35 countries. Authors were selected with the advise of an honorary committee formed by John M. Coetzee (writer, Nobel Literature Laureate, South Africa); M. Soledad Costantini (director, Malba Literatura); Christian Lund (director, Louisiana Literature Festival, Denmark); Valerie Miles (publisher, Granta in Spanish, USA) and Jorge Monteleone (writer and researcher, Argentina).

With the support of AC/E as a new strategic partner in the REM and together with Ediciones Ampersand as an institutional partner, the Residence grows its international scope this year. It grows not only because of the presence of three renowned writers and specialists that will be residing in Argentina but also through a program of activities and events where the Residence is the promoter of working networks.

This year, a special program on the specialty and the works of each author and their writing and creative processes will be organized together with various meetings with other local colleagues and organizations.


Luisa Geisler (Canoas, Brazil, 1991).

Luisa lives in Brazil, she works as a literary translator and has completed a Master’s program at the National University of Ireland. In 2012, Luisa Geisler was mentioned by Grantamagazine as one of the best Brazilian novelists of her generation. She authored four books. The short story book Contosde mentira (2011) was awarded the SESC Prize for Literature and shortlisted for the Jabuti Award.

Her novel Quiçá(2012) was also awarded the SESC Prize for Literature and was translated into Spanish in 2016 by Ediciones Siruela. Her latest novel, Las luces de emergencia se encenderán automáticamente(2014), was translated into Spanish and published in Argentina by Blatt & Ríos.

Luisa participated in several artistic projects such as the audio guides commissioned by the Serpentine Gallery Bridge, 89plus(curated by Hans-Ulrich Obrist and Simon Castets) and the Omi Writers Residency in Ledig House, New York. She has contributed to several Brazilian media such as Folha de São Paulo, Estado de São Paulo and O Globo. Several of her texts were published in Argentina, Austria, Bolivia, Chile, France, Germany, Japan, Spain, the US and the UK.


Javier Montes (Madrid, Spain, 1976)

Javier published La ceremonia del porno(Porn Ceremony)(Anagrama, 2007), awarded the XXXV Premio Anagrama and co-authored with Andrés Barba; the novels Los penúltimos(Pre-Textos, 2008), awarded the Premio Internacional de Novela José María de Pereda; Segunda parte(Pre-Textos, 2010); La vida de hotel(The hotel life)(Anagrama, 2014), and Varados en Río(Anagrama, 2016).

In 2010 the English Granta magazine included his work in an anthology of the “best young novelists writing in Spanish”, together with twenty other Spanish and Latin American authors.

He has contributed to the main Spanish newspapers, including El País, ABC, El Mundo and their culture supplements and literary and cultural magazines such as Letras Libres, Eñe, Revista de Occidente, Revista de Libros, Claves de Razón Práctica, Granta, Brick, The Brooklyn Rail, ArtNews and Art Agenda.

He has a Bachelor’s degree in Art History by Universidad Complutense de Madrid and took the Cours de Licence at Sorbonne University in Paris. Since then, he has specialized in contemporary art critique and curatorship and worked as a writer as well. He has delivered courses, curated exhibitions and contributed to catalogs of institutions such as the Museo Reina Sofía, Museo del Prado, IVAM, CGAC, Centro Andaluz de Arte Contemporáneo and the New York University Art Institute.

He has participated in the literary residences Civitella Ranieri Foundation (Perugia, Italy), Santa Maddalena Foundation (Italy) and Castello di Fosdinovo (Lunigiana, Italy).

As a translator, he specialized in William Shakespeare’s work and published versions of “King Lear", "Cymbeline" and “Coriolanus". He also published the essay "Shakespeare y la música”.

His books have been translated into English and other five languages.


Daniel Saldaña París (Ciudad de México, 1984)

Daniel is a storyteller, poet, essay writer and translator. He authored poetry books Esa pura materia (2008), awarded the national Jaime Reyes Young Poets Prize, and La máquina autobiográfica(Bonobos, 2012), and novelsAmong Strange Victimspublished in English by Coffee House Press, 2016, and to be published in France by Editions Métailié soon, and El nervio principal(Sexto Piso, 2018; to be soon released in English and French). He has been a grant holder of the Mexican National Fund for Culture and the Arts in the Jóvenes Creadores program (2006-2007 and 2016-2017), Fundación para las Letras Mexicanas (2007-2008 and 2008-2009) and the FONCA-Conseil des Arts et des Lettres du Québec Artistic Residencies program (Montreal, Canada, 2012).

He has held public readings and presentations of his work in Argentina, Colombia, Spain, the US, Chile, Canada, Trinidad and Tabago, England and Wales.

He has been a writer in residence in Art OMI (New York, 2014 and 2015), The MacDowell Colony (New Hampshire, 2016) and The Banff Center for Arts and Creativity (Canada, 2017).

His poems has been included in anthologies such as Divino tesoro. Muestra de nueva poesía mexicana(Casa Vecina, 2008), Muestra de literatura joven de México(FLM, 2008) and La edad de oro. Antología de poesía mexicana actual(UNAM, 2012), and others.

His narrative work has been anthologized in Voces -30 Latinoamérica(Patagonia Ebooks, Chile, 2014), Mexico20: New Voices, Old Traditions(Pushkin Press, 2015, United Kingdom) and Bogotá39(2017), and other anthologies.

As an artist, he developed the Método Universal de Poesía Derivada project (, included in the Sixth Public Art Forum of the Sala de Arte Público Siqueiros, and he took part in the group exhibition Todos los originales serán destruidos, held at the contemporary art gallery House of Gaga (Ciudad de México).

As a writer, he has collaborated with artists from various disciplines, including Tatiana Bilbao, Miguel Calderón, Iñaki Bonillas and Mariana Castillo Deball.

He made the prologue and selection for anthologies Doce en punto. Poesía chilena reciente (1971-1982)(UNAM, 2012) and Un nuevo modo. Antología de narrativa mexicana actual(UNAM, 2012). He has contributed to publications such as El País, The Guardian,, Guernica, BOMB!, Electric Literature, Letras Libres, Gatopardo, Estuaire, L’Inconvénient and others.

He has lived for long periods in Madrid and Montreal and currently lives in Ciudad de México where he works as a freelance translator. In 2017, the Hay Festival included him on the Bogotá39 list of the best Latin American writers under 40 years old.



REM + AC/E Program

This program resulted from the common objective of the Malba Writers Residence and Acción Cultural Española of promoting the internationalization of Spanish and Argentine creative people and building cooperation bridges among authors, publishers and managers in both countries.

In 2019, AC/E decided to support the presence of Javier Montes in Buenos Aires and make a joint call in 2020 to select a Spanish writer for the next REM.

The new call for the REM +AC/E 2020 Program will take place in September through the Malba website. The international jury designated by the museum will short list three candidates, whose names will be sent to AC/E for their consideration and selection of the beneficiary.

Related Activities

Mesa redonda

Ficción, traducción y extranjería

Las autoras y traductoras Laura Erber (Brasil), Inés Garland (Argentina), Julianne Pachico (Inglaterra) y Gabriela Stöckli (Suiza) dialogarán junto a Julia Tomasini sobre las residencias artísticas como espacio de producción y creación y sobre los efectos que tiene en la ficción el traspaso de una lengua a otra.

Lunes 23 de abril a las 19:00. Biblioteca

Fiona Sze-Lorrain en Buenos Aires

Residencia de Escritores Malba

Fiona Sze-Lorrain en Buenos Aires

En el mes de junio, recibimos a la primera escritora invitada de la Residencia de Escritores, la poeta Fiona Sze Lorrain (Singapur, 1980). Malba coordinó tres encuentros públicos dedicados a conocer su obra.

Junio de 2018

Mercedes Cebrián

Residencia de Escritores Malba

Mercedes Cebrián en Buenos Aires

La Residencia de Escritores Malba (REM) recibe en el mes de octubre a la segunda escritora invitada a Buenos Aires durante cinco semanas, como parte de su desarrollo artístico y profesional.

Octubre 2018

Fiona Sze-Lorrain

Open Call

Malba Writers Residence 2019 (REM)

La Residencia de Escritores Malba (REM) está dirigida a escritores extranjeros y ofrece la posibilidad de vivir cinco semanas en Buenos Aires, como parte de su desarrollo artístico y profesional.

Aplication is closed

Víctor Vázquez

Mesa redonda y lecturas

Identidad, cultura y migraciones
Gianna Molinari, K.J. Orr, Cynthia Rimsky y Katia Pizzi

Las escritores Gianna Molinari (Suiza), Katherine J. Orr (Reino Unido), la investigadora Katia Pizzi (Italia) y Mónica Szurmuk dialogarán sobre la identidad, la cultura y migraciones en el espacio de la ficción.

Lunes 22 de abril a las 19:00. Biblioteca

Luisa Geisler

Residencia de Escritores Malba

Conversación con Luisa Geisler

Seleccionada por la Residencia de Escritores Malba para vivir durante cinco semanas en Buenos Aires, la escritora Luisa Geisler participará de una entrevista pública en la biblioteca del museo donde hablará sobre sus libros y sobre los proyectos de escritura que va a desarrollar en la ciudad. 

Miércoles 22 de mayo a las 19:00. Biblioteca

Luisa Geisler


Luisa Geisler
Narrativa en dos lenguas

Una lectura bilingüe de los textos de Luisa Geisler, con la participación de la autora y los asistentes al Laboratorio de traducción.

Miércoles 12 de junio a las 18:30. Biblioteca

Residencia de Escritores Malba

 con Javier Montes

El autor español Javier Montes participará de una entrevista pública en la biblioteca del museo, donde conversará junto a Mariano López Seoane sobre sus libros y sobre los proyectos de escritura que va a desarrollar en la ciudad durante su estadía.

Jueves 22 de agosto a las 18:30. Auditorio

Residencia de Escritores Malba #4

Javier Montes

La residencia de Javier Montes cuenta con el apoyo de la Asociación Cultural Española. En 2019, AC/E ha decidido apoyar la presencia en Buenos Aires de un escritor español, así como realizar una convocatoria conjunta en el año 2020 para la selección de un escritor/a español/a que la próxima edición de la REM.

Durante todo agosto