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From The Malba Collection

Latin American Art 1900–1970

A new survey of 20th-century Latin American art, based on iconic works from the museum's collection. The exhibition brings together 230 pieces by over 200 artists, and highlights the artistic and cultural richness of the modern period in Latin America, one of the best represented in the Malba Collection. 

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08.10— 11.12.18

Pablo Accinelli
Nubes de paso

Gallery 1, Level -1
Opening: August 9th, 7PM

Accinelli genera un espacio transitorio donde distintos elementos, tangibles o volátiles, entran en circulación. La espera aparece como método de dilatar el tiempo y la repetición como manera de generar duraciones habitables.

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06.28— 10.29.18

Cindy Sherman Richard Prince
Astrup Fearnley Collection

Sala 5. Nivel 2
Opening: Wednesday, June 27 7:00 PM

An exhibition devoted to two leading figures in contemporary photography, whose work revolutionized the field in the latter half of the 20th century.

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