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23.03— 11.06.18

David Lamelas
A Life Of Their Own

Nivel 2, Explanada y Auditorio 

Organizada junto al University Art Museum (UAM) de la California State University, Long Beach, Estados Unidos (CSULB), David Lamelas: A Life of Their Own se realiza en el marco del proyecto Pacific Standard Time: LA/LA.

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03.08— 07.30.18

Sara Facio

Curator: Ataúlfo Pérez Aznar 
Silvia N. Braier Gallery, Level 1
Opening: Wednesday, March 7, 7PM  

This body of work is a historical-documentary essay on the political events that took place around Peronism in Argentina as captured from the unique perspective of Sara Facio, a major figure in twentieth-century Argentine photography.

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03.08— 07.23.18

Irene Kopelman
Puntos cardinales

Curator: Carina Cagnolo
Gallery 1, Level -1
Opening: Wednesday, March 7, 7PM

Puntos cardinales is a collaborative work in progress based on a number of expeditions with scientists, biologists, and geologists to different regions of Argentina.

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12.01.2017– 02.12.2018

Alexander Apóstol
Alexander Apóstol
Salida de los obreros al museo

Opening: Thursday, November 30, 7:00 PM
Curators: Agustín Pérez Rubio and Diana Wechsler
Gallery 1, Level 1

Un proyecto expositivo que propone una discusión abierta y colectiva sobre las relaciones entre arte y política, a partir de una reelaboración contemporánea del manifiesto "Tucumán arde".

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11.03.2017— 02.19.2018

Modern Mexico
Avant-Garde and Revolution

Curators: Victoria Giraudo (MALBA), Sharon Jazzan and Ariadna Patiño Guadarrama (MUNAL)
Gallery 5, Level 2 and Gallery 3, Level 1

México Moderno. Vanguardia y Revolución traces the development of the various modernist esthetic proposals that took place in the first half of the 20th century in Mexico. The survey comprises a group of 180 representative pieces by the major masters of the period: Frida Kahlo, Diego Rivera, José Clemente Orozco, David Alfaro Siqueiros and Leonora Carrington, among others.

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08.10— 10.09.2017

Mirtha Dermisache
Because I write!

Curator Agustín Pérez Rubio
Gallery 3, Level 1

This exhibition revolves around the work of Argentine artist Mirtha Dermisache (Buenos Aires, 1940-2012), from her first book produced in 1967 to her final pieces produced in the 2000s.

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07.14— 10.09.2017

Diane Arbus
In the Beginning

Opening: July 13rd, 7PM
Curator: Jeff L. Rosenheim
Gallery 5, Level 2

This is the first exhibition of the work of Diane Arbus (New York, 1923-1971), one of the most influential photographers of the 20th century, ever held in Argentina.

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07.14— 11.13.2017 

Ximena Garrido-Lecca
Native States

Curator: Lucrecia Palacios
Gallery 1. Level -1

The exhibition is a project designed specifically for the museum's Gallery 1; it records the process whereby industrialized copper recovers its original form as "native copper," i.e. the form in which the mineral may be found in its natural state before it is extracted.

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24.3 —

General Idea
Fin de siècle

Un gran paisaje glaciar romántico –construido a partir de cientos de capas de telgopor– con tres pequeñas focas blancas, ubicadas en un no-tiempo o tiempo mítico, basado en el óleo El mar de hielo (1823), del pintor romántico alemán C.D. Friedrich.

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03.24— 06.25.2017

General Idea
Broken Time

Curator: Agustín Pérez Rubio
Gallery 5, Level 2; Gallery 3, Level 1 

Over the course of its twenty-five years of existence (1969-1994), the group produced a large body of groundbreaking works on an array of supports and in a variety of formats. It is still a point of reference for new generations of artists around the world.

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03.10— 07.02.2017

Gastón Pérsico
La música es mi casa

Curator: Mariano Mayer
Gallery 1, Level -1

The exhibition is an exercise in translation between media that crosses references between discotheques and concrete poetry, between the body and its absence and language.

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03.10.2017— 02.19.2018

Program 2017

The program includes seven exhibitions.

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25.11.2016— 26.02.2017

Antropofagia y modernidad
Arte brasileño en la Colección Fadel

Curadora: Victoria Giraudo
Sala 5. Nivel 2
Inauguración: jueves 24 de noviembre, 19:00

Se presenta una selección de alrededor de 130 obras del siglo XX, representativas de los diferentes movimientos modernos ligados a la construcción cultural de Brasil.

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10.14.2016— 02.19.2017

Carlos Motta

Opening: Thursday, October 13, 7PM
Curator: Agustín Pérez Rubio
Gallery 1. Level -1

In his works, Carlos Motta (Bogotá, Colombia, 1978) interrogates political and social history and proposes counter-narratives that recognize the voices of social groups, identities, and communities that have been silenced by the dominant power.

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10.14.2016— 02.17.2017

Alicia Penalba

Curator: Victoria Giraudo
Gallery 3. Level 1 + Esplanade

This event is the first solo exhibition of artist Alicia Penalba (San Pedro, Buenos Aires, 1913–Landes, France, 1982) ever held in a museum in Argentina. It will include a selection of her abstract sculptures from different series (totemic, winged, monumental, and petits works).

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Malba collection


Curators: Andrea Giunta and Agustín Pérez Rubio

In the framework of the celebration of the 15th anniversary of MALBA’s founding, the museum presents Verboamérica, a new exhibition of its permanent collection, curated by historian and researcher Andrea Giunta and by the museum’s artistic director, Agustín Pérez Rubio.

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07.15— 10.03.2016

Voluspa Jarpa
En nuestra pequeña región de por acá

Curator: Agustín Pérez Rubio
Gallery 1. Level -1

The individuals portrayed in the project—a gallery of portraits—are victims of murders or of unsolved crimes; they are public figures who had held administrative posts in the public sector or in civic organizations in the region. The project makes use of the media of photography, paintings, sound, video, and installation.

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06.24— 10.31.2016

Yoko Ono
Dream Come True

Curators: Gunnar B. Kvaran and Agustín Pérez Rubio

The show includes over eighty works, among them objects, videos, films, installations, sound pieces, and recordings produced from the early sixties through the present.

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04.15— 09.22.2016

Jeff Koons

Opening: April 14, 1PM

“Ballerina” is a larger-than-life sculpture by celebrated American artist Jeff Koons. A fan of working with readymade objects, Koons reimagined the piece from a porcelain of a ballerina found in a Russian factory at the turn of the 20th century.

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03.18— 05.30.2016

Jorge Macchi

Curator: Agustín Pérez Rubio
Gallery 5. Level 2
Opening: March 17th, 7PM

This is the first anthological exhibition of work by Jorge Macchi (Buenos Aires, 1963) ever held in Argentina will open at MALBA. The show, which encompasses twenty-five years of production (1990 to the present), includes nearly sixty works in an array of formats.

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Claudia Andujar

A group of over eighty black and white photographs by Brazilian artist Claudia Andujar (Neuchâtel, Switzerland, 1931) never before exhibited in Buenos Aires. From 1981 to 1984, Andujar spent long periods of time in the lands of the Yanomami Indians.

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03.04— 06.27.2016

Juan Tessi

Opening: jueves 14 de abril, 19:00
Curator: Lucrecia Palacios
Gallery 1. Level -1

One and two exhibitions at the same time, Cameo is a project conceived specifically for MALBA in which Juan Tessi investigates the relationship between painting and biological processes on the basis of a system of metaphors that identify pictorial surface with epidermis and picture with body.

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26.2 —


El programa contempla tres exposiciones de gran formato, siguiendo el plan de realizar siempre un proyecto de arte argentino, uno latinoamericano y uno internacional; además de una nueva puesta de la colección permanente en el año del 15° aniversario del museo.

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11.06.2015— 02.15.2016

Francis Alÿs
A Story of Negotiation

Curator: Cuauhtémoc Medina
Opening: Thursday, November 5

The most recent exhibition of work by Francis Alÿs (Belgium, 1959), this show examines the parallelism between the artist’s work in painting and in performance, specifically in relation to his political-poetic interventions, and how that dialogue leads to his actions, documentations, and pictorial work.

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21.9 —

Leandro Erlich
La democracia del símbolo

Primera obra site-specific de Leandro Erlich (Buenos Aires, 1973) en nuestro país, que toma al Obelisco porteño –ícono de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires- como eje central de un proyecto de arte público monumental.

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09.11.2015— 02.08.2015

The Metabolic Age

Curator: Chus Martínez

The exhibition revolves around ideas as delirious as linking Nosotros afuera [We, The Outsiders], a work by Federico Manuel Peralta Ramos, and research by Douglas Engelbart, the father of the hyperlink.

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27.8 —

Vasco Araujo

Se presenta un conjunto de videos del artista portugués Vasco Araujo (Lisboa, 1975), realizados entre 2001 y 2014 y seleccionados bajo la consigna “relatos del poder”, una temática central en toda su obra.

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07.24— 10.18.2015

Teresa Burga
Air Structures

Opening: Thursday, July 23. 
Curators: Miguel López y Agustín Pérez Rubio

An emblematic participant in the renewal of Peruvian art that took place in the sixties and seventies and a member of the Grupo Arte Nuevo (1966-1968), Teresa Burga was at the forefront of the dissolution of the art object.

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06.26— 08.20.2015

Unerasable Memories

An historical view on the Videobrasil collection
Opening: Thursday, June 25
Curator: Agustín Pérez Rubio

This video exhibition revisits polemic and conflict-ridden historical events from the personal perspectives of major international artists such as Akram Zaatari and Walid Raad, Coco Fusco, Bouchra Khalili, León Ferrari, Rosãngela Rennó, Carlos Motta, and Jonathas de Andrade.

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06.26— 10.12.2015

Rogelio Polesello

Opening: Thursday, June 25
Guest curator: Mercedes Casanegra

MALBA pays tribute to Rogelio Polesello (Buenos Aires, 1939-2014) with an anthological exhibition of his historical works, paintings, and acrylic pieces produced from the late fifties through the mid-seventies.

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28.5 —

Colección D’Alessandro
de arte precolombino

Los objetos que conforman la colección tienen una antigüedad estimada que va aproximadamente desde el 1500 AC hasta los tiempos de la llegada de los conquistadores españoles en el 1500 DC.

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21.3 —

Programación 2015

El programa marca el inicio de la nueva gestión de Agustín Pérez Rubio como Director Artístico de MALBA y contempla tres exposiciones de gran formato, siguiendo el plan de realizar siempre un proyecto de arte argentino, otro latinoamericano y uno internacional.

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03.20— 06.08.2015


Opening: Thursday, March 19 
Curator: Agustín Pérez Rubio

Artists: Allora & Calzadilla - Diego Bianchi - Elmgreen & Dragset – Dora García - Pierre Huyghe - Roman Ondák - Tino Sehgal - Judi Werthein.

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03.20— 07.06.2015

Annemarie Heinrich
Secret Intentions

Genesis of women’s liberation
in her vintage photographs
Opening: Thursday, March 19, 7:00 p.m.
Curators: Victoria Giraudo and Agustín Pérez Rubio 

A selection of ninety vintage photographs from the thirties to the sixties. On the basis of feminist theory, the exhibition focuses on the more intimate and personal work of Annemarie Heinrich

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03.20— 06.08.2015

Osías Yanov
VI Parliamentary Session

Opening: Thursday, March 19, 7:00 p.m.
Performance: Starting March 26,
every Thursday at 7:00 p.m.
Curator: Laeticia Mello

If a routine of movements were capable of establishing a law, what would a parliament of bodies based on choreographies be like?

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30.10 —

Antonio Berni
Juanito y Ramona

Un conjunto de 150 obras, creadas entre 1958 y 1978, provenientes de la familia del artista y de importantes colecciones públicas y privadas de Argentina, Estados Unidos, España y Bélgica.

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26.9 —

Antonio Berni
Mural americanista

Único fresco buono de temática indigenista que se conserva del gran artista argentino. Junto con el mural se exhiben 15 aguafuertes realizadas en los años 40.

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08.8 —


Una exposición dedicada a La Ene -Nuevo Museo Energía de Arte Contemporáneo-, un proyecto de crítica institucional, fundado en 2010 en Buenos Aires.

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12.7 —

Le Parc

Una selección de instalaciones lumínicas históricas del gran maestro argentino Julio Le Parc (Mendoza, 1928), pertenecientes a la Colección Daros Latinoamérica de Zurich, Suiza.

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15.3 - 

Mario Testino
In Your Face


Primera exposición en la Argentina de uno de los fotógrafos más influyentes del mundo. Se presenta un conjunto de 122 fotografías, seleccionadas por el propio Testino, que reflejan la diversidad de su obra.

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28.3 - 

Lo contrario de la magia


Edición 31 del programa Contemporáneo, dedicado al arte actual, local y regional. En esta ocasión, Malba convocó al dibujante Lux Lindner (Bs As, 1966) como curador, quien a su vez eligió a nueve artistas argentinos para exponer en torno a un problema: la relación arte-ciencia en la cultura contemporánea.

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02.3 —

Garabito La donación

Un conjunto de 31 obras de Ricardo Garabito, realizadas entre 1965 y 2007 y donadas por el artista al acervo del museo.

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Latin American Art 20th Century

MALBA Fundación Costantini, in its dedication to 20th century Latin American art, owns a unique collection that includes the principal tendencies and movements that characterize the region’s art in all its mediums.

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01.1 —


Una plaza seca inspirada en el proyecto paisajístico de Roberto Burle Marx para la plaza República del Perú, contigua al edificio de Malba.

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01.1 —

Encuentros / Tensiones
Arte latinoamericano

Un nuevo recorrido por el arte latinoamericano contemporáneo, a través de una selección de más de 100 obras pertenecientes al acervo del museo y un conjunto de comodatos.

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01.1 —

Contemporáneo 30
Elba Bairon

Una nueva edición del programa Contemporáneo, dedicado al arte actual, local y regional. En esta ocasión, se exhibe un proyecto especialmente concebido por la artista Elba Bairón (La Paz, Bolivia, 1947) para este espacio del museo.

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13.9 —

Liliana Porter
El hombre con el hacha
y otras situaciones breves

Primera exposición individual de Liliana Porter (Buenos Aires, 1941) en el museo. Se trata de una instalación site-specific creada especialmente por la artista para la sala 3 de Malba.

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