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Parte 11: Homenaje a Baigorria

11.11 — 11.11.2017

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Faivovich & Goldberg. Meteorito El Taco, 2010.

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a Faivovich & Goldberg

"Parte 11: Homenaje a Baigorria" pone en relación la pintura y la máquina de llover y descubre una densa trama de documentos, archivos y especulaciones.

Anticipo de la conferencia "Parte 11: Homenaje a Baigorria" 

Curator: Lucrecia Palacios
Gallery 1. Level -1

07.14— 11.13.2017 

Ximena Garrido-Lecca
Native States

The exhibition is a project designed specifically for the museum's Gallery 1; it records the process whereby industrialized copper recovers its original form as "native copper," i.e. the form in which the mineral may be found in its natural state before it is extracted.

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